Who We Are

“360° Fitness Pros” focuses in the business of providing Fitness services and products through our network of professionals. Therefore, our mission is to provide our clients the One-Stop-Shop Integrated Fitness website in the industry. This way introducing clients to a wide variety of services, which is the key to an Integrated Fitness Lifestyle.

We will provide PROS with the platforms to be able to track client progress, to generate business, and promote/market themselves. Also, our standardized way to conveying ideas allows our PROS to provide premium customer service and satisfaction. In fact, the key to success relies on all our professionals working together to create the most comprehensive, and diversified products & services.


To be the leading provider of Business and Marketing Solutions for Health & Fitness Professionals.

To be the One-Stop-Shop for clients looking to adopt an Integrated Fitness lifestyle.


To build an INSPIRING network of professionals

To serve as a MARKETING, TRACKING, and ANALYTICAL tool for our affiliates

To create social awareness by working alongside MEANINGFUL foundations

To become the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION leader within the fitness industry


DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION towards set goals

TRUST and TRANSPARENCY to develop long lasting relationships

ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious practice

Focus on QUALITY rather than Quantity

Help the community GROW HEALTHIER every day

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